The present invention provides a magnet assembly (30a, 30b) comprising a pair of drive coils (31a, 31b; 32a, 32b; 33a, 33b) symmetrically disposed with respect to a reference plane. The reference plane is located approximately equidistant between the drive coils. Each of the drive coils has a current flowing through it which is in the opposite sense to the current flowing through the other drive coil, such that a primary magnetic field is generated in a plane which is parallel to and substantially coincident with the reference plane. The assembly may comprise further compensating coils (44a, 45a, 46a) which are configured to generate a magnetic field to improve homogeneity of the primary magnetic field. The drive coils and the compensating coils are generally in the shape of a racetrack and are preferably superconducting coils.


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