Disclosed is an internal weight type vertical vibrator including: a housing; a magnetic circuit unit placed in the internal space of the housing, and comprising a magnet perpendicularly placed and a yoke for fixedly receiving the magnet therein for generating a magnetic field; spring members provided with upper ends fixed to the housing and lower ends fixed to the magnetic circuit unit for vertically; a vibrating unit placed in the yoke so that the outer surface of the vibrating unit is surrounded by the yoke, comprising the weight having a hollow cylindrical structure provided with a central hole, into which the magnet is inserted; and a vibration-generating coil placed just below the magnetic circuit unit so that the vibration-generating coil is interlinked with the magnetic field of the magnet for allowing current supplied from the outside to flow in one direction therethrough.

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> Additional fringe field shield for a superconducting magnet coil system

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