An improved axial gas bearing for a gas-driven NMR MAS sample rotor is disclosed that utilizes inward flow with a low rotational component over a rotor conical end. A conical flow region is formed between the rotor conical end and a conical stator bearing surface such that the included angle defining the stator surface is not less than the included angle defining the rotor conical end. Gas is injected radially inward with a significant axial rearward component from a number of small holes at high velocity from the periphery into the conical flow region. Compared to the radial velocity components, the tangential flow components of the injected gas are small and preferably opposed to the direction of the rotor rotation. The high and accelerating negative radial velocities may result in significant Bernoulli effect, such that the mean axial pressure over the conical rotor end may be less than atmospheric pressure for a given axial clearance, but as the clearance decreases, the hydrostatic effects exceed the Bernoulli effects and the mean axial pressure over the conical rotor end may then exceed atmospheric pressure by a substantial amount. Thus, a self-stabilizing axial bearing is formed with improved stability and stiffness for rotor surface speeds up to at least 80% of the speed of sound. Motive power required to spin the rotor may be provided by a radial-inflow microturbine at the opposite end of the rotor in a way that is readily compatible with automatic sample change.


> Circuit arrangement for transferring signals form local MR coils to evaluation units

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