Provided is an air breathing direct methanol fuel cell pack including membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) forming a plurality of single cells having an electrolyte membrane, a plurality of anodes on a first plane of the electrolyte membrane and a plurality of cathodes on a second plane of the electrolyte membrane correspondingly to the anodes, the second plane being opposed to the first plane, a fuel supply unit storing fuel fed to the anodes and having fuel supply plates with a plurality of fuel supply holes through which the fuel passes, and wicking sheets provided along a fuel supply path between the fuel supply plates and the MEAs, diffusing the fuel supplied through the fuel supply plates to supply the fuel to the anodes of the MEAs. fuel can be evenly supplied throughout MEAs, thereby attaining uniform power output, irrespective of a use posture of a cell pack. Also, current collectors of the present invention are of a mesh type so that current collection from all electrodes is allowed while allowing fuel supply. Further, since a gas communicating path for passage of byproducts is provided around the fuel supply unit and gas exhaust holes are provided on a wall body contacting the gas communicating path, byproducts can be effectively exhausted.


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