The present invention relates to methods and agents for treatment, amelioration and prevention of cardiac disease, including cardiac myopathy, chronic heart failure and for management and reduction of cardiac myocyte death which may occur in response to ischemia/reperfusion or following myocardial infarction or other injury to the heart. The invention relates to methods for screening cardiotherapeutic compounds, including compounds which modulate cardiac myocyte apoptosis, particularly targeting Mst1 and the Mst1 pathway. The present invention further encompasses compounds identified by such screening methods and compositions comprising these compounds. The invention also provides methods for treatment, amelioration and prevention of cardiac disease comprising administering compounds or agents which modulate, particularly inhibit, Mst1 or the Mst1 kinase pathway, including administering a nucleic acid encoding an altered form of Mst1, particularly a dominant negative Mst1, which acts as an antagonist of Mst1.


> Method of manufacture of smart microfluidic medical device with universal coating

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