Systems, methods and computer program products facilitating real-time service transactions between two or more users, including at least one client and at least one service provider. Service providers complete project profiles identifying projects they wish to work on, and clients complete project profiles identifying projects they would like to pay service providers to complete. The project profiles including identifying parameters such as the type of service or project, start date, completion date, skills required for completion, and the like. Both the clients and service providers may then purchase lead options to identify their desire for obtaining a matching user. The lead options can be a sum of money a user wishes to pay for a lead. The systems, methods and computer products then determine matching clients and service providers based upon the project profiles, and identifies to one or more lead option submitting users the immediately available users that match the project profile submitted by the user. In this manner, clients and service providers can utilize the present invention to locate immediately appropriate and available users with which to transact with.


> Method and structure for bid winning probability estimation and pricing model

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