A downrigger apparatus to hold a fishing line at a selected fishing depth in game fish inhabited water, and a sound emitting device attached to the downrigger cable of the downrigger apparatus. The downrigger apparatus includes a reel and a downrigger cable spooled on the reel. The free end of the downrigger cable extends to a depth beyond the selected fishing depth. A downrigger weight is attached at the free end of the cable. A sound emitting device is attached to the downrigger cable and emits sounds attractive to the fish. Sound waves travel through the water a range extending beyond the visual range of the fish. Fish, although out of visual range of the lure, detect the sound and travel toward the source. The fish eventually comes in to visual range of the lure being trolled behind the fishing boat. The fish is attracted to and takes the lure. The sound emitting device can generate intermittent sounds. There can be a period of silence, for example a 25 second silence interval, followed by a sound emitting period, for example five seconds. The sound emitting device is effective to attract fish at those depths where darkness greatly impedes the visual range of the fish. The sound emitting device can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

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> Gaming machine for awarding a bonus in accordance with a symbol association being displayed on a first display and on a second display

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