The present invention 10 discloses a collapsible pod for providing cathodic protection to a preferred structure 12. The present invention 10 has a top frame 20 and a bottom frame 22 with a plurality of folding leg segments 24 positioned therebetween. The leg segments are comprised of the anode material having a pivot 30 positioned at each distal end. Also extending between the top 20 and bottom 22 frame is the folded retaining means 28 that prevents random deployment of the structure. To expand the structure the folded retaining means 28 is disengaged whereby the top 20 and bottom 22 frame are spaced apart by the segmented leg elements 24. Also shown are stabilizers 26 and a rest channel 32 for the upper anode. Also disclosed is a lock bracket 34 forming a dual pivot point 30 for each leg segment 24. The lock bracket 34 provides means whereby each leg segment 24 lays in communication with each other adding rigidity to the folded structure. The lock bracket 34 has pins 45, 46 passing through a slot 52 in the guide bar extending from the distal ends of the leg segment 24. As the guide bar 50 moves into linear alignment with the lock bracket 30 the opposing guide bars move into the lock bracket and are then locked into the extended position.


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