A sound guide for a speaker is capable of guiding a sound of a desired volume to a desired position regardless of installation structure of the speaker. The sound guide for a speaker includes a speaker support for supporting the speaker in a case, and a sound guide groove formed in an inner side of the speaker support, for guiding the direction of the audible signal of the speaker at a predetermined angle. The sound propagation groove has one side coupled with the speaker and other side coupled with a sound propagation hole which is formed in the case. A handset for mobile communication using the sound guide includes a case having a speaker therein, and a sound propagation hole for propagating the audible signal generated by the speaker to outside, wherein the speaker is slanted at a predetermined angle with respect to a front side of the case. Preferably, the sound guide is mounted in an upper side of the speaker to guide the audible signal to the sound propagation hole by directing the audible signal at a predetermined angle.

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