A magnetic material manufacturing method, a ribbon-shaped magnetic material manufactured by the method, a powdered magnetic material formed from the ribbon-shaped magnetic material and a bonded magnet manufactured using the powdered magnet material are disclosed. The method and the magnetic materials can provide magnets having excellent magnetic properties and reliability. A melt spinning apparatus 1 is provided with a tube 2 having a nozzle 3 at the bottom thereof, a coil 4 for heating the tube and a cooling roll 5 having a circumferential surface 53 on which dimple correcting means is provided. A melt spun ribbon 8 is formed by injecting the molten alloy 6 from the nozzle 3 so as to be collided with the circumferential surface 53 of the cooling roll 5 in an inert gas atmosphere (ambient gas) such as helium gas, so that the molten alloy 6 is cooled and then solidified. In this process, dimples to be produced on a roll contact surface of the melt spun ribbon are divided by the dimple correcting means, thereby preventing formation of huge dimples.

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