A radio frequency receiver 30, 32, includes a first component block 12, 16, 18, 20; a second compensating component block 22, 22a 22b, 34; and control circuitry 26 operable for controlling the state (e.g., load, bias, gain) of the first component block. When the control circuitry 26 causes a change in the state of the first component block that is expected to induce a DC offset in a signal, the control circuitry 26 changes the state of the second component block to compensate for an estimate of the DC offset. Preferably, the second component block is a filter 22, 22a 22b, 34, that temporarily changes from a nominal cutoff frequency to an elevated cutoff frequency so that voltage will settle quickly and accurately at an estimated voltage, the estimated voltage being predetermined and based on the state change to the first component block. A method is also described for practicing the invention.

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