Addition of a large amount of a food additive such as an emulsifier to a food is undesirable, since it is feared that not only the flavor of the food is damaged but also the secure sense for the qualities of the product and consumers' buying intention are worsened thereby. It is intended to provide a process for conveniently producing a hydrated oily base food such as a chocolate drink powder while reducing the content of an emulsifier. Namely, an oily base food having a high hydration nature can be produced even by using a small amount of an emulsifier by densely mixing a small amount of a hydrophilic material, which contains a hydrophilic emulsifier as the essential component, with an oil-containing material, or shaping an oil-containing material into flakes or a powder as the final product by roll refining.


> Authentic refried beans rapidly produced from dehydrated starting material

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