The invention provides a SHINC-2 polynucleotide, which can be a nucleic acid encoding all or a portion of a SHINC-2 protein, or a complementary polynucleotide or antisense polynucleotide. The invention provides a SHINC-2 polypeptide, which can be a full-length SHINC-2 protein or a fragment thereof or an analog or homolog thereof. Desirably, the SHINC-2 polypeptide modulates apoptosis. The invention provides an antibody that specifically binds a SHINC-2 polypeptide. The invention provides diagnostic methods. For example, the invention affords a method for identifying compounds that modulate apoptosis. The invention provides a method for detecting or evaluating the prognosis of a cancer. The invention provides diagnostic compositions for detection of cancer. The invention provides a method of modulating apoptosis or treating or preventing a cancer, tumor growth and/or metastasis by administration of an agent that modulates the expression and/or activity of SHINC-2. The invention provides formulations of SHINC-2 polynucleotides or proteins. Preferably, such compositions will comprise liposomal formulations.


> Genes encoding for genetic stability, gene expression and folding proteins

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