Techniques for adjusting stimulation are disclosed. A medical device measures an impedance associated with one or more electrodes, e.g., the impedance presented to the medical device by a total electrical circuit that includes the one or more electrodes, the conductors associated with the electrodes, and tissue proximate to the electrodes. The medical device stores at least one patient-specific relationship between impedance and a stimulation parameter, and adjusts the value of the stimulation parameter based on the measured impedance according to the relationship. The medical device may store multiple relationships, and select one the relationships based on, for example, an activity level of the patient, posture of the patient, or a current stimulation program or electrode combination used to deliver stimulation. By adjusting a stimulation parameter, such as amplitude, according to such a relationship, the stimulation intensity as perceived by the patient may be kept substantially constant.


> System with left/right pulmonary artery electrodes

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