The systems and methods for modeling of a propagation and a containment process described herein enable the modeling of containment processes by mathematically mapping a containment process onto a topological model. The systems and methods described herein can model the effects of various degrees of data fusion and automation that are present in specific locations throughout the containment process. In addition, human and automated responses to propagated defects within the containment process can also be modeled.The method for modeling a containment process includes building a topological model of a containment process having a plurality of containment levels, with each containment level having a containment node. A behavior is then assigned to each containment node. The behavior is configured to model defect propagation based upon a first predetermined level of data fusion in the containment node. The model is executed with the first predetermined level of data fusion and data are output configured to represent the level of defect propagation present in the containment process. Finally a second predetermined level of data fusion, different from the first predetermined level of data fusion, is modeled.


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