A method of playing a wagering card game named Pojack includes selected elements of the games of Blackjack and Poker, Pojack being played between a dealer and one or more players, where the dealer deals from a stack of cards containing a plurality of standard 52-card decks of cards and the Poker payout odds are predetermined. This game has rules wherein: a. each player elects to play Blackjack or Poker or both by placing a Blackjack bet or a Poker ante bet or both respectively, b. then the dealer deals according to standard Blackjack procedure to all those players who elected to play Blackjack, c. then before the dealer turns over his hole card and before he makes the Blackjack payout or collection to the players playing Blackjack, each player who previously made a Poker bet is invited to play Poker using his Blackjack hand as the beginning of his Poker hand by placing a Poker raise bet, d. then each player electing to play Poker places his raise bet, e. then the dealer turns over his hole card and makes Blackjack payouts to or collects from all Blackjack players of that Blackjack hand, f. then the dealer deals sequentially to each of said players who elected to play Poker, where each of said Poker players is dealt sufficient cards so that his hand includes a total of five cards to comprise a standard Poker hand, this step being modified such that; g. then the dealer completes his own Poker hand, and h. then the dealer pays out or collects on all Poker ante and raise bets of all the players playing this Poker hand, according to the predetermined Poker payout odds.

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