The object of the invention is a single dual reed module, particularly for an instrument of the accordion type using two directions of air flow, characterized in that it comprises, for each note, a single fixed tongue carrier (32) with a window (34) and a tongue (36) connected to this tongue carrier and comprising at least one tongue (42) disposed in line with this window, as well as at least one associated movable element (44), disposed laterally relative to said tongue and adapted to take a first position for a first direction of air flow by providing an interstice between this movable element and the edge of the tongue such that this blade vibrates to emit said note in this first direction of air flow, and a second position symmetrical to the first position relative to the plane of the tongue for the second direction of air flow, by also providing an interstice such that the tongue vibrates to emit the same note in this second direction of air flow.


> Drumhead tightening and tuning apparatus

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