A method and system to allow multiple users of a client computer to establish a secure connection for each of the multiple users between the client computer and a server computer. Each user is allowed to unlock a keyfile unique to that user. The unique keyfile is able to authenticate the user's identity to the server computer. Access to the users unique keyfile is accomplished by the user inputting into the client computer a unique user password for the user's unique keyfile. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided to allow the user to input the unique user password for that user's unique keyfile. Upon input of the password, the selected keyfile is opened to enable a user authentication process to authenticate the user's identity to the server computer, thus creating an authenticated secure connection between the server computer and the client computer for the specific user.

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> Protecting wireless local area networks from intrusion by eavesdropping on the eavesdroppers and dynamically reconfiguring encryption upon detection of intrusion

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