The optical lens, especially for a motor vehicle, is provided with a soft-focus effect, e.g. to soften a light-dark boundary on an illuminated surface. For this purpose the optical lens has an optically active surface (5') provided with an embossed fine structure (2) extending radially outward in a direction from an optical axis (O) toward an outer periphery (P) in an undulating form and an embossed microstructure (3) superimposed on the embossed fine structure (2). The fine structure (2) has a roughness that is greater than that of the microstructure (3). The fine structure (2) preferably has a roughness of from 1 .mu.m to 10 .mu.m and the microstructure (3) has a roughness (h) in a range of from 0.1 .mu.m to 2.5 .mu.m.


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