Provided is an image pickup lens, in which the optical characteristic can be improved and, further, the productivity can be improved through increasing the telecentricity by keeping the distance between the exit pupil and the sensor and effectively correcting the coma aberration and the distortion aberration. A first lens which is a meniscus lens having a positive power with its convex face facing an object side, a diaphragm, and a second lens which is a lens having a positive power with a strong convex face facing an image pickup surface side are provided in order from the object side. The first lens and the second lens are to satisfy the condition represented by following expressions: 4.times.f.sub.2.gtoreq.f.sub.1.gtoreq.f.sub.2 (1) 1.5.times.f1.gtoreq.f.sub.2.gtoreq.0.9.times.f1 (2) where, f1: focal length of the whole lens system f.sub.1: focal length of the first lens f.sub.2: focal length of the second lens.


> Apparatus for adjustment of partial coherence of light energy in an imaging system

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