A method and system are provided for transmitting information in a Mobile Internet Protocol (IP) environment, which includes a home agent (HA) provided at a home network, a base station (BS) broadcasting a pilot signal, a foreign agent (FA) provided at or associated with the BS, a mobile node (MN) providing the ability to detect and identify itself to a BS, and a proxy mobile node (PMN) identifying the MN wherein the PMN is provided at the BS. If the PMN identifies the MN, the PMN retrieves an IP address for each of the MN, FA and HA and sends a registration request to the FA. The FA relays the registration request to the HA, and the proxy MN is registered with the HA. Thus, the MN functionality is provided transparently to the MN by the PMN. This significantly simplifies the configuration of the MN and the Mobile IP network.

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> Distributed data server and an operating method thereof

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