A universal lightweight, easily carried memory identification card records information and controls access to this information. The memory card includes a file system of electronic files on the card, which are automatically detected and recognized by selected authorized readers. The file system is organized so that stored electronic files appear in separate and distinct encrypted compartments in the card, so that only authorized pre-selected readers have access to particular compartments. Biometric identifying information is imprinted in the card, so that no data can be transferred unless there is a biometric match between a reader and a person assigned to the card and who possesses the card. The separate compartments of the memory card may include a compartment containing medical, administrative or financial information relating to the assigned user of the card, wherein the information is accessed only by a pre-selected memory card reader having the unique pin code assigned to the compartment having the medical information. The memory identification card can also have a single chip Global Positioning System (GPS) to identify where the card is being used.

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