The invention is directed to polypeptides having protease activity, polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, and methods for making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides. The polypeptides of the invention can be used in a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic, and industrial contexts. The polypeptides of the invention can be used as, e.g., an additive for a detergent, for processing foods and for chemical synthesis utilizing a reverse reaction. Additionally, the polypeptides of the invention can be used in food processing, brewing, bath additives, alcohol production, peptide synthesis, enantioselectivity, hide preparation in the leather industry, waste management and animal degradation, silver recovery in the photographic industry, medical treatment, silk degumming, biofilm degradation, biomass conversion to ethanol diodefense, antimicrobial agents and disinfectants, personal care and cosmetics, biotech reagents, in increasing starch yield from corn wet milling and pharmaceuticals such as digestive aids and anti-inflammatory (anti-phlogistic) agents.


> Process Tolerant Starch Composition with High Total Dietary Fiber Content

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