Communication path using packet structures linked together to form a communication protocol for communicating a pre-selected set of input and output control and presentation data. The signal protocol is used by link controllers configured to generate, transmit, and receive packets forming the communications protocol, and to form data into one or more types of output packets, a host Key Signature witch will be place into the bios or flash memory device or and being both devices will become host and client to one self to activate call link to a name and routable IP connection being IP-to-IP for route, and UTP-to-UTP being data transfer coupled to a web server for variegation through the communications path. The switchboard interface and hardware support provide a cost-effective, low-power, bi-directional, high-speed data transfer mechanism over the network, being a WAN, wireless WAN, or long-range "Radio" or Satellite type data links, which lend itself to implementation, which are especially useful in connecting audio streaming software over the Internet, WANs, wireless WANs, or long-range "Radio" or Satellite type data links. The invention preferably utilizes software, which is embedded into a Java Chip, BIOS, flash memory, and/or a computer, but not limited for variegation, to enable or disable a box or let an I/O data input or I/O data output communicate with each other or the outside world. Open and Close, Smart Homes, and Talk-back Appliances may be adapted for use with this system and method.


> Method and apparatus for providing remote access to subscription television services

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