The invention is a novel photo-induced method for converting large quantities of silver nanospheres into nanoprisms, the nanoprisms formed by this method and applications in which the nanoprisms are useful. Significantly, this light driven process results in a colloid with a unique set of optical properties that directly relate to the nanoprism shape of the particles. Theoretical calculations coupled with experimental observations allow for the assignment of the nanoprism plasmon bands and the first identification of two distinct quadrupole plasmon resonances for a nanoparticle. Finally, unlike the spherical particles from which they derive and which Rayleigh light scatter in the blue, these nanoprisms exhibit scattering in the red, permitting multicolor diagnostic labels based not only on nanoparticle composition and size but also on shape.


> Fabrication of sub-50 nm solid-state nanostructures based on nanolithography

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