The present invention relates to a nanocomposite blend composition having superior barrier properties, and more particularly to a nanocomposite blend composition comprising a polyolefin resin; one or more nanocomposites having barrier properties, selected from an ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH)/intercalated clay nanocomposite, a polyamide/intercalated clay nanocomposite, an ionomer/intercalated clay nanocomposite, and a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/intercalated clay nanocomposite; and a compatibilizer. This nanocomposite blend composition has superior mechanical strength and superior barrier properties to oxygen, organic solvent, and moisture. Also, it has superior chemical barrier properties and is applicable to single/multi-layer blow molding and film processing.


> Preparation of transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified with (CO)polymers synthesized by RAFT

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