A kick down and kick up catamaran assembles by hand with holes in main spar and stern spar ends receiving threaded rods extending vertically from the side-by-side hulls, secured in place with hand knobs. A bow spar with a line to the mast lifts the mast to vertical and is then secured between the hulls. A mast operationally rests with its proximal end alongside the main spar, held in place by an easily removable cord that wraps the main spar and slips into a mast slot opening at the mast proximal end. A trampoline stretches between the main and stern spars providing a platform on which the operator sits, tightened by a plurality of adjustable straps between the trampoline and the stern spar.

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> Catamaran with extending platform carried by the underwing and an extending deployable ramp carried by the extending platform

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