The present invention provides a crude drug composition comprising extracts of radish and tea leaf and additionally comprising an extract extracted from at least one crude drug selected from a group consisting of Daucus carota var sativa, Aurantii nobilis Pericapium, Aurantii immatri Pericarpium, Ficus carica L., Allium cepa L., Mume Fructus and Prunus armeniaca. Inventive composition induces the functional activation of intestine in the charcoal-administered animal model experiment and constipation-induced animal model and improves the constipation by activating mucus secretion in the intestine. And the composition is confirmed to inhibit the growth of intestinal harmful bacteria without affecting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Therefore, the crude drug composition of the present invention may be useful for the pharmaceutical composition and health care food for preventing, alleviating and treating intestinal disease and constipation.


> Herbal cough formulations and process for the preparation thereof

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