The present invention relates to an herbal composition which is non-alcoholic, non-sedating and non-freezing in nature for the treatment of chronic respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, allergic asthma, seasonal allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and the like and a process for preparing the same. The process comprises procuring, cleaning, grading of specified herbal plants per the standard specification, disintegrating and pulverizing separately to form coarse powder, then macerating individual powders separately with aqueous solution of preservatives, then extracting, filtering, concentrating and spray drying to make dry extract powder or semisolid soft extract. Further dissolving each of the extracts separately in aqueous solution containing preservatives and then allowing to maturate after mixing. Then adding filtered extracts to the sugar syrup containing preservatives, glycerin and appropriate excipients to obtain a homogenous cough syrup.


> Pharmaceutical compositions for alleviating excess levels of sugar in diabetic patients

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