The invention concerns granules obtainable by drying an inverse emulsion, dispersed in an external aqueous phase: a) the inverse emulsion comprising an internal aqueous phase, including a hydrophilic active material, dispersed in an internal organic phase, said inverse emulsion including at least a non-ionic surfactant and/or at least an amphiphilic block polymer, and/or at least a cationic surfactant; b) the external aqueous phase including: at least a polyalkylated non-ionic surfactant and/or at least a polalkylated amphiphilic non-ionic polymer; at least a water soluble or water dispersible polymer in solid form in the presence of a water content of not more than 10 wt. % relative to the weight of said polymer and whereof the glass transition temperature is higher than C., preferably higher than C. The granules, once dispersed, enable to obtain a multiple emulsion.


> Tattoo-removing substance

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