A system and method for acquiring, processing, and comparing an image with a stored image to determine if a match exists. In particular, the system refines the image data associated with an object based on pre-stored color values, such as flesh tone color. The system includes a storage element for storing flesh tone colors of a plurality of people, and a defining stage for localizing a region of interest in the image. A combination stage combines the unrefined region of interest with one or more pre-stored flesh tone colors to refine the region of interest based on color. This flesh tone color matching ensures that at least a portion of the image corresponding to the unrefined-region of interest having flesh tone color is incorporated into the refined region of interest. Hence, the system can localize the head, based on the flesh tone color of the skin of the face in a rapid manner. According to one practice, the refined region of interest is smaller than or about equal to the unrefined region of interest. This method and apparatus are particularly adapted to consumer devices such as hand-held devices and cars.

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