A circuit board router (10) and method thereof. De-paneling of printed circuit boards (62) off a panel 860) is efficiently increased by a router (40) which is positioned at a location above the panel (60). A fixture positions the panel 860) below the router (40) on a base (16). A controller (64) activates a first drive mechanism (20), a second drive mechanism (26), and a third drive mechanism (32) to guide an X-arm (18), a Y-arm (24) and a Z-arm (10), respectively. The router (40), located on the Z-arm (30), moves downward to engage a router bit (42) to the panel (60) to depanel the printed circuit board (62) from the panel. A fixture chip (72), which has a preprogrammed pattern of the panel (60), is embedded inside the fixture (58). A radio frequency transmitter (80) transmits the pattern to a radio frequency receiver (82) that relays the pattern to the controller (64).

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