An amenity accessing system is provided that includes an access telephone (10) with a plurality of access keys. The telephone includes a line powered card reader (62) that interfaces with a CPU (60). Information stored in a memory (70) can then be output in response to a good card received by the card reader (62), this information being in the form of a calling string. The calling string is output to a switched network (22) and a store-and-forward switch (20). The store-and-forward switch (20) is operable to receive the calling string containing information as to the user's ID, credit card information, location of the access phone (10) and other relevant data. This billing information is validated at the store-and-forward switch (20) and, upon validation, an authorization code is then transmitted through a switched network (22) to one of various amenities (24)-(40). Billing information is then stored at the store-and-forward switch (20) and transmitted to various outclearing services through a storage media (44).


> Methods, systems, and terminals for load coil switching

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