The present invention features helper-dependent adenoviral vector elements, and helper adenoviral elements, that enhance the production and isolation of helper-dependent adenoviral vectors. Such elements include a modified packaging signal having low homology to, and preferably less activity than, a wild-type packaging signal, an E4 non-coding segment directly joined to the 5' ITR that confers a selective advantage, and stuffer region(s) that provide a helper-dependent adenoviral vector with a GC content of about 50% to about 60%. The modified packaging signal is preferably used in a helper virus to decrease recombination and generation of the virus. The E4 non-coding segment and the stuffer region(s) are preferably used in a helper-dependent adenoviral vector to provide the vector with a growth advantage over a helper virus.


> Method for neural stem cell differentiation using 5HT-1A agonists

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