The present invention provides novel anther-specific genes, their promoters, and uses of the same. Rice seedlings were treated with gibberellin, and then genes and proteins with up-regulated expression were screened using DNA microarray analysis and proteome analysis. As a result, eight types of .beta.-tubulins were identified. Among them, OsTUB8 was expressed specifically in the anther. Thus OsTUB8 was suggested to be involved in male sterility in rice, and it was thought that regulating OsTUB8 expression in plants could alter plant fertility. In addition, OsTUB8 promoters were thought to comprise anther-specific activity. Thus, the present invention can be said to be highly valuable when used as a tool for anther-specific gene expression.


> Termini cysteine-added variants of granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor

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