A nonaqueous electrolyte battery with a higher energy density in which a useless part which has no contribution to the electromotive is reduced, and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. A positive electrode laminate (5) (a positive electrode) having a positive active material layer (2) is located in a first area which extends from an approximate center part (7) to one end on one of both sides of a separator 1, and a negative electrode laminate (6) (a negative electrode) having a negative active material layer (3) is located in a second area which extends from the approximate center part (7) to the other end on the other side which is opposite to the side having the first area of the separator (1). The separator (1) having the positive electrode laminate (5) and the negative electrode laminate (6) thereon is wound around the approximate center part (7) to constitute a wound electrode (4).

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