A tiered distribution service is provided in a content delivery network (CDN) having a set of surrogate origin (namely, "edge") servers organized into regions and that provide content delivery on behalf of participating content providers, wherein a given content provider operates an origin server. According to the invention, a cache hierarchy is established in the CDN comprising a given edge server region and either (a) a single parent region, or (b) a subset of the edge server regions. In response to a determination that a given object request cannot be serviced in the given edge region, instead of contacting the origin server, the request is provided to either the single parent region or to a given one of the subset of edge server regions for handling, preferably as a function of metadata associated with the given object request. The given object request is then serviced, if possible, by a given CDN server in either the single parent region or the given subset region. The original request is only forwarded on to the origin server if the request cannot be serviced by an intermediate node.

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