A single layer capacitive device including a portion of pre-fired ceramic material and one or more terminations is formed with manufacturing steps that are easily modified to customize size and other aspects of such devices. The single layer devices may be utilized by themselves or selectively combined with MLCs to form integrated capacitor assemblies yielding many desirable performance characteristics in a monolithic assembly. An exemplary integrated capacitor assembly advantageously provides customized frequency response and capacitance in limited real estate. Predictable and generally constant or "flat" impedance versus frequency is afforded mainly by the properties of the single layer device, while higher capacitance is provided mainly from features of one or more associated MLCs. High structural integrity of exemplary integrated capacitor assemblies is achieved due to the disclosed attachment methods. Exemplary integrated capacitor assembly embodiments of the presently disclosed technology have been found to provide effective DC blocking from 20 kHz to 40 GHz.

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