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Online Subscription

  Primary Subscriber - one year online subscription, Fast and flexible. Search the Directory on the web. Link to foundation web sites. Database updated weekly, $350.00
Shipping $0.00 each.
  Each additional user, Allows additional users from the same location, $50.00
Shipping $0.00 each.

Loose-Leaf Binder Set

  First set - full price, $300.00
Shipping $10.00 each. Buy more than 1 and each additional product is 25% off.
  Additional sets, with full priced set, 25% off, $225.00
Shipping $10.00 each.

Combination Package

  Online Subscription + Loose-Leaf Binder Set, $550.00
Shipping $10.00 each.

Prices effective October 1, 2004

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